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Brain training games don't work

  • 06-Sep-2012

Brain training games don't work, they might be fun but the paying customer wants more than fun, they want to raise intelligence levels (IQ) to help them in their education,work and life. All those brain training gaming products mentioning the word “brain” and featuring Professors in the logo could not possibly make you Smarter. Your intelligence is built on a very broad skill set involving more than stimulating your brain with a few fun games. Becoming more intelligent is not that easy! The clue is in the fact that none of the big game developers or online training companies claim to make their users more intelligent. It’s a convenient misunderstanding produced by clever advertising. It also plays on people’s inherent desire for easy solutions to difficult problems, such as how to do better in school or business. A recent [review paper](http://www.thepsychologist.org.uk/archive/archive_home.cfm?volumeID=24&editionID=204&ArticleID=1892) in The Psychologist shows that no study has ever shown a rise in IQ following the use of any so-called brain training product. And yet these games sell by the millions. What is more properly called “cognitive training” (rather than brain training) by scientists, does have some small effects on memory or other skills targeted directly by these training programs. These programs are most often used with ageing or brain damaged people. But they do not seem to have any effects beyond teaching the skills they teach. So for example, if you want to improve your memory… guess what you should do! Practice remembering stuff. But cognitive training has no general effects on your overall intelligence. Training Your Brain Does Work. The only way to train your brain to raise intelligence levels is to identify the skills that underlie ALL of our intelligence. And those skills are called relational skills. Improving ones relation skills over a period of time using relational skills training available at RaiseYourIntelligence.com has been proven to raise general intelligence by a considerable degree. Don’t be fooled by clever advertising. Just because something was scientifically developed does not mean it works! The word “science” is easy to use but the real science of identifying the basic building blocks of intelligence took researchers three decades and the evidence that relational training (known commercially as SMART training) makes us more intelligent is publicly available in the scientific journals. If you want to know if your brain training program works, ask the developers where the evidence is that it makes you more intelligent. Don’t let them fob you off with indirect evidence produced by OTHER researchers that it SHOULD make you more intelligent. Some publicly available evidence that [relational training makes you more intelligent](http://eprints.nuim.ie/2765/1/TPR_VOL61_No2_-_Cassidy.pdf). SMART from RaiseYourIQ is NOT a brain training game, it is a brain training course using relational skills developed by RaiseYourIQ from our own research, working with parents, teachers, psychologists and communities.

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