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Falling Literacy and Numeracy Levels

  • 06-Dec-2013

As an education company passionate about brain fitness in adults and children we are concerned about falling literacy rates here and in other developed nations. Is there an over reliance in our school system on content based learning. OECD studies have found falling literacy and numeracy rates amongst children across affluent economies like the USA.

Is the educational system doing enough to develop the basic literacy and numeracy skills required by children and students to ensure they can successfully transition from school to working environment with the skills most needed by business.Last year the OECD warned that the US was almost the only developed country facing educational "downward mobility", where the younger population is less well educated than the older generation. This latest study shows that the US once had 42% of the world's highest-skilled adults but this had now fallen to 28%.

The reasons for the drop in standards are complex, involving changes in school funding and an educational system now overly concerned with schooling rather than education. What is needed is the application of empirically validated methods for establishing foundational learning and intellectual skills within the school system, a move away from mere content-based learning and an emphasis on concepts and deep understanding, especially in mathematics. The science is ready for application, but is the school system ready for change?

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