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Free SMART Download for Parents and Teachers

  • 14-Feb-2013

![Improve your IQ](http://raiseyouriq.com/assets/blog/posts/exercises.png) At RaiseYourIQ.com we care about the intelligence levels of the world. That is why we are giving away this free resource that you can use to increase your own intelligence or the intelligence of your kids. This resource will be useful to teachers, parents, and anyone who cares to reach their intellectual potential. The resource is a .pdf file containing a series of exercises that you can do while on the move, in a car, on the bus, in a waiting room or just kicking back on your couch! Simply download the exercises and print it off or view it on your mobile device. It consists of a series of scientifically developed brain-teaser that you can try to solve wherever and whenever it suits. Each one is scientifically designed to improve your intelligence and if you work on each one in sequence and practice regularly, you may experience some IQ gains. The resource works best if used hand-in-hand with our online SMART training available at [raiseyouriq.com](http://raiseyouriq.com). Download the exercises and get going with some free SMART training from RaiseYourIQ.com Download Exercises

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