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RaiseYourIQ Launches New Brain Training Games

  • 03-Oct-2014

RaiseYourIQ has launched four new brain training games which come free bundled with the SMART brain training course.
The four games, “Brain Speed”, “Brain Agility” “Brain Memory” and “N-Back” continue the development of psychology led and science based games to improve brain health from RaiseYourIQ. These new brain training games are based on scientific research and clinical data following feedback from both our educational and business customers on what individual games they would use to complement our SMART brain training states Doctor Sarah Cassidy who co-founded RaiseYourIQ.
The “Brain Speed” game has been developed to speed up the brains cognitive speed and improve the ability to thinking on ones feet. It will also help people learn to make logical decisions more quickly.
“Brain Agility” has been developed by psychologists to assist with multi-tasking training to improve concentration, attention to detail and reduced distractibility. On this game people will learn to shift perspective rapidly and focus.
The “Brain Memory” game focuses on memory enhancement. People will improve memory recall and learn to retain details like names, numbers, data, faces, places, and dates in school and in business.
Also launched is “N-Back” the ultimate brain training game for improving fluid intelligence, adds psychologist and author Doctor Bryan Roche. Fluid intelligence is a crucial aspect of intelligence that involves applying information creatively in new situations. The N-Back game will help kids and adults move past rote learning and foster the ability to think independently.
These four new brain training games together with our SMART Brain Training course covering 70 stages over 3 modules, makes RaiseYourIQ not only the leader in science based brain training but also the most comprehensive brain training and cognitive skills training solution on the market for kids, adults, businesspeople or schools quotes Doctor Cassidy. RaiseYourIQ as a psychology led and university based business is continually engaged with academia and clinical research into improving IQ levels across people of all intellectual capabilities.

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