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Which Brain Training Games actually work?

  • 27-Nov-2014

There are a number of brain training games and brain exercises like Dual N Back and SMART brain training that works to improve mental health. Any person of any age from a kid to an adult can use brain training games to have fun while improving memory,language skills and fluid intelligence. Brain training games while an engaging leisure activity are just as much an educational pursuit or a learning intervention. The health benefit of doing brain exercises is to stimulate targeted areas of the brain which are crucial to intellectual activity in us all.
In fact, research has proven that practice at brain games can lead to the now well documented process of neurogenesis. Scientists know that "neurogenesis" (birth of neurons) is the process by which neurons are generated from neural stem cells and progenitor cells and are responsible for populating the brain with neurons. The idea is that we can literally boost our brains with the correct types of mental and memory exercises. Today psychologists know quite allot about what brain areas are involved in what types of skills, they can devise brain games to target those precise areas so that any person can work towards becoming a more agile thinker, have more creative insights and reason more logically.
SMART brain training from RaiseYourIQ includes the flagship, scientifically proven brain training games plus four more games including "N-Back"; which is great for improving fluid intelligence. Next is "Brain Speed"; ideal for thinking on your feet. Also included is "Brain Agility";Ideal for Multi-tasking and "Brain Memory"; perfect for memory enhancement. So a user has five brain games included in one package. Each brain game has been designed by psychologists to work different parts of the brains functions.
In the modern world with pressures to do well it can sometimes feel like our brains are going to overload and yet they keep going. Our brains miraculously don’t explode. In fact, the reality is that the more a person works their brain, the harder the brain will work for the person and a fitter brain is less likely to suffer from stress or mental fatigue. As the saying goes "we want our brains to work smarter, not harder", so now people can give the brain a boost using brain games.
Brain training games or apps are the fun delivery method that enhances any man, woman or child’s ability to learn faster, easier, and better. The Brain Training games that are scientifically proven to work on intelligence have been designed by psychologists to train the brain by using the brain’s capacity to change. The medical,science and psychology community after years of research agree that brain training games to improve memory should be encouraged not just for children in education but also to boost the brain power in adults of any age. The reasons to engage with brain training games are many and varied, from a person seeking to improve IQ or intelligence, to a kid looking to do better in school to a businessperson wanting to make problem solving easier. Whatever the reason to to play brain games, science has shown us that these simple,challenging brain games empowers any person to increase their IQ or intelligence level.

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