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Learn to work fast across a range of problem types

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Brain Agility for Task Switching Skills

The ability for our brain to perform task switching is crucial to intellectual ingenuity. The ability to work fast across a range of problem types is central to good intellectual performance.

The RaiseYourIQ brain agility game will challenge you to switch between training stages on each problem-solving task - requiring you to change strategy at short intervals. You chose a series of stages to work with. The more you chose the more challenging it will be. Plus, chose a time limit for your responding, to enhance your fluency at the same time.

This game will help you increase the ease, speed and flexibility with which you process information. It also works to help your vocabulary, verbal reasoning skills and the ability to perform routine mathematical functions.

Brain agility training will provide you with the brain fitness and flexibility skills to learn, think and process information easy and. Learn to use the drivers required to optimize your brain’s performance and neuro-flexibility.

The Brain Agility for Task Switching Skills was created by our own team of professional psychologists to help you test your mental capacity and challenge your brain. Start today for free!