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The brain training methods for all users are essentially the same. Users chose a learning pathway based on their age anbd ability under their accoutn settings. However SMART for children has backgrounds and animated characters that make it a lot more fun learning experience for children and big kids. Adults also have the option of taking an advanced learning pathway through the training in order to skip some of the easier stages.  Regardless of whether you want to raise your IQ for school,business or personal development, the SMART brain training course should take between 3 and 6 months to complete.

A relational skill is a skill involved in understanding the relationship between things in the world. Understanding the relationships between a set of cousins, or understanding that a particular group of plants are all of the same kind (e.g., flowers), or understanding that a Poodle is a type of dog but a dog is not a type of poodle, are all examples of basic relational skills. But of course, they get more complicated than this. The relational skills you need to understand high level mathematics or to read and speak well, are more advanced skills. SMART brain training teaches a range of basic but crucial relational skills and brings your relational skills to expert levels, so that all intellectual tasks come easier. SMART brain training makes you a faster and better learner. SMART helps new information make more sense, and helps you think more clearly. Read here about our SCIENCE

No! SMART brain training involves learning to solve brief logical problems that are foundational to ALL intellectual acvtivity.  What SMART does is teach you how to learn and how to think clearly and logically by teaching the foundations of reasoning itself. We don’t actually teach you any information about maths or anything else!. But SMART makes learning and understanding everything much easier.

SMART nvolves teaching the user how to answer blocks of logical questions, first with feedback – and then on their own without any help. Users get 30 seconds to answer each question. During training we tell you whether or not your answer is correct. But during one of the regular tests, you need to answer all of the questions on your own without feedback!. Once you pass a test, you move on to the next training level. You progress like this through the levels, collecting points as you go. You even get bonus points for revising stages you have passed before, because the more you revise the smarter you will get. The training will take three to six months to complete.

SMART is not like any other form of brain training, and at RaiseYourIQ we use the term "brain skills training".  Firstly SMART has been developed by education leaders and psychologists following over ten years research in schools and Universities.  It is the only brain training system that has been proven to work in independent studies to increase a range of intellectual abilities using standardized objective psychometric tests.  Indeed it is the onyl braining system with any publicably available peer-revieed scientific support at all!

Secondly, SMART Brain Training does not work by merely improving working memory or teaching users how to perform well on IQ tests. Other systems work by doing just this, or by providing users with practice at tasks that should at least in theory improved performance on similar tasks in daily life.  If practice and intellectual tasks could seriously boost your general intellectual ability then everybody who spent more time in school are studied for longer hours would become more intelligent.  But this is not the case which is precisely why for generations psychologists have believed that intelligence cannot be increased.  However, once the basic building blocks of intellectual activity have been identified, focusing on improving those foundational skills will lead to very rapid intellectual development in a wide variety of areas at a speed that would not be possible through practice at various tasks alone.

So put simply, other brain training systems provide practice at the very skill that they are trying to improve.  However, our many years of university based scientific research has helped to identify the fundamental skills that underlie these everyday tasks such as remembering, problem solving, vocabulary expansion, creativity and so on.  We are unique because our system is the only one that trains these fundamental skills rather than the high-level skills that we might assume need practice for everyday functioning.  For example, our system leads to improvements in vocabulary without teaching any vocabulary content.  Our system leads to improvements in verbal and mathematical reasoning without involving the teaching of any verbal reasoning or mathematics.  It is the targeting of scientifically proven foundations to intellectual development that makes our system unique and, not surprisingly, the only scientifically supported system ever developed for increasing general intellectual ability to degrees that make a difference.

SMART has been found in several publsihed studies to improve;

  • Verbal Comprehension - improve ability to listen to a question and draw upon learned information
  • Perceptual Reasoning - improve ability to examine a problem, organize thoughts, create solutions, and then test them
  • Processing Speed - increase attention to quickly scan, discriminate between and order visual information
  • Working Memory - increase the ability to memorize new information, hold it in short-term memory and concentrat

Read more about the science of SMART here. 

At RaiseYourIQ we recommend that a person needs to have a mental age of at least 8 years of age to be able to engage fully with SMART brain training. There is no upper limit – older adults will benefit from the training, just as young people will. SMART brain training will help keep you at your peak mental performance, whatever your age or profession.

Yes. Our brain training free trial which includes a free assessment and does not need any credit card details. Signing up could not be easier. Simply click here to get started.

It is very important that we ask our users to provide certain information that will help us to provide the best possible training service. Remember, SMART Brain Training is tailored to each user, so without your profile information we cannot select the best training difficulty level for you as defiualt or provide accurate IQ information following your assessments.  You can alter your profile at any stage under your account settings.

Yes. SMART brain training site has been optimized to work on iPad and other portable computer devices. It also works across all browsers including Safari, Chrome, Explorer and Firefox. All the lessons and progress are stored on your account regardless of what device or app you are using to access the RaiseYourIQ site.

RaiseYourIQ offers n-back training for free as part of the SMART brain training course. N-back training is a working memory training task that has been proven to raise fluid intelligence to a modest degree.  

IQ stands for "Intelligent Quotient" IQ relates to a score that a person or child scores from conducting a IQ test usually delivered by a qualified psychologists to assess level of intelligence. A persons IQ level should be used in conjunction with several intelligence scales and most modern psychologists consider IQ as a general indicator of intelligence. The most used standardised IQ test used today is known as the "WAIS". This IQ test consists of seven verbal tests and seven brain performance tests. IQ is still used in schools, education and business – it can be used as a predictor for academic results and in a corporate setting as a predictor for job performance, usually through the guise of psychometric testing. 

IQ is measured on a numerical scale from 1 to over 100. A persons IQ is scored following the completion of a standardized IQ test. An IQ score of under 70 is seen as someone with limited mental ability, whereas a score of 90-109 is taken as a person with normal intelligence levels. An IQ score of 110 or above is seen as above average intelligence and the higher the score would indicate a very gifted or genius person. Many psychologists believe IQ represents an oversimplification of a person's full cognitive ability.