Brain Training in Business

Yes, RaiseYourIQ have 1000's of business people using the SMART brain training course. Brain training is used by the business community to help not just with improving IQ and mind mapping but in everyday business interactions such as remembering names, making it easier to learn new information and especially in the area of improved problem solving. Brain training can help teams perform better, sales people improve techniques or even as an online skills course for employees.

SMART brain training can work with your head space to improve mindfulness and overall brain health. Brain training develops a stronger, fitter brain that is better able to cope with business,stress and life challenges. Brain training works by improving the brains function in regards to problem-solving, learning capacity, promoting positive thinking and improving mood. A fitter brain has less stress and is in more control of decision making. Teachers can use brain training as mindfulness exercises to help kids, including those with ADHD, anxiety and autism, regulate behavior and focus on learning. SMART brain training can help business people right down to kids deal with the everyday difficulties of today's lifestyles.

Gamification in business can be used to train, test, assess, develop and motivate employees. Brain training as a gamification tool for business can work to increase the intellectual brain power of a team or group. Brain training can be applied to testing employees IQ, improve problem solving, raise intellectual horsepower, sales training and in improving the overall learning capability within the business. Given the recent engagement numbers released from Gallup, showing 71 percent of workers are “not engaged” or “actively disengaged” in their work, brain training as a gamification tool is a fun, rewarding and beneficial way to reconnect employees. Brain training has both intellectual and health impact as healthy, fitter brains have been scientifically proven to be happier and more open to learning new ways to accomplish tasks. Brain training is a super learning and brain development tool for any business person.

Memory or mind games are a superb way to train the brain to increase intelligence levels and improve attention skills. Memory games are very beneficial in business,sales or any profession where memory recall such as names, data, events or information is important. RaiseYourIQ offers a number of free memory games including "Brain Speed" "Brain Agility" and Brain Memory" to all users including the award winning N-Back brain game. All our memory games have been developed by our own educational psychologists in conjunction with published neuroscientists and academics.

Problem solving skills are drastically improved by using brain training. Problem solving and decision making are critical skills in business, teamwork and personal situations so brain training works by strengthening the connection between different types of problem solving methods the brain uses. The brain training exercises work on memory improvement, thinking, planning, logical reasoning, fluid intelligence and processing speed, all components used by the brain in problem solving and understanding complex tasks. The brain training method at RaiseYourIQ is also is scientifically proven to raise IQ by 20-30 points or more.

SMART brain training improves mind mapping skills and provides the learning techniques to unlock the potential of the brain. Brain training and mind mapping is about acquiring the skills to clarify thinking, manage complex information and improve visual comprehension. Brian training will help the mind to access more of the brains intelligence for problem solving, planning, memory recall and logical reasoning. As brain training also works the brain fitter brainstorming and solution identification become easier. RaiseYourIQ have some free brain games especially created to improve mind and memory mapping skills.

Increase intelligence training is designed to work on raising IQ (verified by pre and post IQ tests) and also improving working memory, the brains processing speed and perceptual reasoning. IQ or Intelligence is not a fixed trait and can be improved. Scientific evidence shows that intelligence training using SMART brain training from RaiseYourIQ will not only raise IQ but also sharpen the users ability to retain information, think and reason at a higher level. Intelligence is important in business, education and career choices as research shows that having a high IQ score on standardized tests is linked to having a high score on other important tests the user may take including "Placement tests", "SAT" and "ACT" tests.