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SMART Brain Training for Personal, Professional and Educational use

What is SMART Brain Training

SMART (Strengthening Mental Abilities with Relational Training) brain training is our flagship product for both personal, professional and educational users. It is scientifically based on established principles of learning that have been proven to underlie intellectual development across a wide range of areas (reading, problem solving, reasoning, and so on; see our science section for more information)

The Academic Research Team behind RaiseYourIQ has helped to develop a widely used theory of cognitive development known as Relational Frame Theory and have harnessed the vast evidence base for this theory to deliver the most powerful brain training tool ever produced.

SMART the only brain training tool in the world to be supported by published scientific research from several independent laboratories. No other tool has been proven in the scientific literature to significantly enhance general intelligence or educational aptitude.

The founders of RaiseYourIQ (Dr. Bryan Roche and Dr. Sarah Cassidy) played a key role in first identifying how “relational skills training” impacts a person’s intellectual ability. We then devised the SMART brain training tools to harness what was learned across several years of laboratory research.


A relational skill is a skill involved in understanding the relationship between things in the world. Understanding the relationships between a set of cousins, or understanding that a particular group of plants are all of the same kind (e.g., flowers), or understanding that a Poodle is a type of dog but a dog is not a type of poodle, are all examples of basic relational skills. But of course, they get more complicated than this. The relational skills you need to understand high level mathematics or to read and speak well, are more advanced skills.
SMART Brain Training teaches a range of basic but crucial relational skills and brings your relational skills to expert levels, so that all intellectual tasks come easier. SMART brain training makes you a faster and better learner. SMART helps new information make more sense, and helps you think more clearly.

Cognitive learning is your ability to acquire or learn new things and then the ability to process, reason, retain and relate this new information into your everyday life or education. Learning is about "Thinking using your Brain", so the fitter the brain is to process information, the better your thinking, problem solving and cognitive skills. Cognitive learning works to underpin academic learning and your intelligence levels by improving a child's or adults’ mental capabilities which opens the brains ability to successfully learn new information and concepts like science, math, languages, formulas etc.

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