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Our brain training solutions are grounded in published scientific papers from several laboratories around the world, and are proven to be effective in significantly enhancing learning, mathematical and verbal skills, educational aptitude, working memory, Performance IQ, verbal IQ, perceptual reasoning skills, visual processing skills, working memory and general intelligence in users of all ages and intelligence levels. Some published preliminary data also suggests that SMART can slow down the progress of cognitive decline due to age or forms of dementia.

Kids, Adults and Seniors will experience improvements in problem solving, educational aptitude, verbal ability, reading and vocabulary, numerical reasoning, and general intelligence (IQ)

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Enhance brain health & cognitive fitness

Our cognitive skills training and brain training method is based on the scientific evidence that relational skills underlie most forms of intelligence. Our solutions help to enhance relational skills, so that working memory, performance, learning and IQ are significantly enhanced. The Academic Research Team behind RaiseYourIQ has helped to develop a widely used theory of cognitive development known as Relational Frame Theory, and have harnessed the vast evidence base for this theory to deliver the most powerful brain training tool ever produced. SMART is the only brain training tool in the world to be supported by published scientific research from several independent laboratories. No other tool has been proven in the scientific literature to significantly enhance general intelligence or educational aptitude.


How It Works

  • Our cognitive skills training and brain training solutions are based on a set of revolutionary Educational, Learning and Clinical Tools developed by our own scientific researchers and psychologists.

  • Our solutions involve a series of games, puzzles and challenges to help children and adults to become expert in a range of critical cognitive skills, called Relational Skills.

  • These skills are improved via our cognitive skills training and brain training games and underlie just about everything we do in school, business, at work and in normal day-to-day decision making and problem-solving.

  • Working through a series of gamified cognitive brain training solutions, you will learn the key relational skills underlying Maths, Reading, Logical Thinking and problem solving so that these skills become more fluent.

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Learn more about the science and research into SMART (Strengthening Mental Abilities with Relational Training)

The scientific research undertaken by the founders of RaiseYourIQ and developers of the SMART brain training system, have been published in several international peer reviewed scientific journals. Other independent laboratories have also replicated our findings in published peer-reviewed scientific research. We have not borrowed the science behind SMART. We ARE the Relational Frame Theory experts who originally developed this powerful new method. SMART has been used in hundreds of schools and clinics all over the world to enhance educational aptitude, general problem-solving skills and general intelligence (IQ).

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